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Securities and stock transfers can be a somewhat complex subject. It is not easy to find a company or a reliable source that can fully explain stocks to you so you can handle them on your own, especially if you lack a proper understanding of economics. Luckily for us, there are any number of stock brokers, stock transfer companies, and more out there to help navigate the market and achieve financial diversity and success.

Many of those words might look like gibberish to you. Before you go about choosing the right company to help you, you may need some important questions answered. What is a stock transfer company, and how is it different from hiring an agent or broker? Or is it any different at all?

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We’ll answer all these questions and more in this Pacific Stock Transfer review. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether their services are what you need for your personal or small business securities. 

Transfer Agency 101  

Generally, a stock transfer agency or agent is a person or trust with the task of maintaining records of accounts and balances, typically for a corporation. Working closely with a registrar, these companies and individuals can do tasks such as recording transactions, cancelling and issuing certificates for stocks, and working with investors to troubleshoot any issues like lost or stolen certificates.

A lot of people can simply buy stocks whenever they please (though it is not a good idea if you are a novice), so what is the need for a transfer agency or company? These companies are the ones who cancel and substitute names on certificates, assigning you the ownership of shares that were most likely previously owned.

Transfer Agency 101
Learn the essentials about stock transfer agencies.

If not for these companies, it would be a far greater task to purchase shares than it currently is because the process of changing names on share certificates can be tricky. Once they have changed the name on the certificate, they also change the name to the new owners in the master share registry.

Essentially, any time you buy a stock from a company, you are probably dealing with a transfer agent somewhere down the line, whether you realize it or not. As such, these positions are invaluable to the market and the economy and choosing the right company to help you with your shares is incredibly important. That is where companies like Pacific Stock Transfer come in.  

Who Is Pacific Stock Transfer?  

This agency is a part of the Pacific Services Group, which provides stock assistance to both Canada and the United States. They are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Securities Transfer Association of both America and Canada. Pacific Stock Transfers is the American branch of the company, providing stock help and transfer to a wide network of businesses in America.


Pacific Stock Transfers

Their business philosophy is putting clients first to help them establish national and international growth and financial success. Upon opening, they stated that their primary goal is to provide outstanding customer service across the board, from their own clients and shareholders to brokers in the community. With over 3 decades of experience, the company has a breadth of clients from around the nation and world. Since 1983, they have endeavored to deliver on their promise, to relative success.  

What Do They Do?  

Pacific Stock Transfer offers a number of services to their clients, ranging from securities (stocks) transfers and issuances to reports, press releases, certificate printing, and more. All of these services are essential to shareholders in their own way. Here is a short breakdown of each of their services.  

Stock transfers and issuances are quick, efficient transfers for their clients, brokers, and other financial parties. Certificates, IPOs (Initial Public Offering), and many things in between all fall under their transfer capabilities. They also provide SEC filings for businesses and corporations. On that note, they also assist with the filing of corporate actions, which can be an awfully large undertaking for some corporations.  

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They also can help businesses with press releases if they are in the PST network, reaching an array of media outlets and other corporations. For records, they provide annual meetings to the businesses under their care, frequent reporting, up to date electronic record keeping, certificate printing, and even lost shareholders and asset recovery services for companies that may have lost track of their certificates or shares. All in all, their agency covers a significant amount of ground for their clients.  

How They Do It

PST has been around since 1983, and they have well established connections in business, in the economic field, and a significant understanding of the ebbs and flows of the stock market. Their relationships with trusted brokers and other agencies enable them to provide the services their clients need and at a decent rate. All of their workings are approved by major securities commissions, meaning you know that they can do what they say they can do.

Pacific Stock Transfer Advantages
Advantages of Pacific Stock Transfer

Ultimately, their major advantage over other stock transfer companies is their connections in the industry. However, you may have noticed that their services fall under the umbrella of big business. While there is certainly a possibility that they can help small businesses as well, it seems individual shareholders may be out of luck at PST.

So what can they do? After all, not everyone owns a big business.

Consider Easy Stock Loans  

If PST sounds a little overwhelming, consider reading more on our educational blog. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses up to big businesses, and we are extra attentive to our clients’ needs.

Furthermore, Easy Stock Loans can help you secure the capital to make your investment. With our expertise and friendly agents, clients from all over have found us to be exactly what they needed. If you are an individual or small business searching for a transfer agent, or you simply wish to learn more about engaging with the market, contact Easy Stock Loans today for more information!

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