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Island Stock Transfer Agency Overview

When it comes to stock transfers, everyone needs an agency that they can rely on. A stock transfer agency is a financial institution that works with corporations to maintain their account balances and their records of investors.

Island Stock Transfer is one such agency. This agency will process any investor mailings, deal with cancelling or issuing certificates, record transactions, and manage any other investor issues such as a stolen or lost certificate. This full-service agency is a participant of the system of DWAC-FAST along with DTCC, and they are also fully registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Island Stock Transfer Advantages
Island Stock Transfer Advantages

Island Stock Transfer boasts that they provide a superior level of responsiveness for all of their clients as well as high-quality customer service and efficiency. They provide a variety of services that include corporate actions, recording shareholder ownership, information mailings, full services for annual meetings, and much more.   

So, what exactly do they do and what sets them apart from other stock transfer agencies? In this review, we’ll give you the breakdown of Island Stock Transfer, so you can decide for yourself whether a transfer agent is right for your investments.

Shareholder Services  

One of the benefits of the shareholder services offered by this company is the secure online access. Clients are able to access their account anywhere and at any time of day.

This agency can provide any commonly used forms and documents as well as guidelines, such as:

  • Identification Number Requirement
  • Medallion versus Notarization Comparison
  • Guide to Completing Stock Power
  • Stock Power
  • Medallion Signature Guarantee Requirement  

Transfer Agency Services  

With all of the technology available to us in the modern day, it only makes sense to incorporate it for more efficient and environmentally friendly business practices. This is why Island features an innovative processing system that allows them to go paperless for the entirety of their operations. This enables them the opportunity to provide the high quality, competitive services as outlined below.


There are a few advantages involved with this system, including:

  • Eliminating the risk that is typically involved with the loss of a stock certificate and the replacement of one.
  • Reducing the time on deposits of stock into a brokerage account, which normally takes weeks but is reduced to just hours thanks to this system.
  • Eliminating any brokerage fees that are added on and associated with the processing of the physical certificates.
  • Saving on the courier charges that are put on for shipping stock certificates.

24/7 Online Access  

The ability to have secure access through the internet to your account wherever you are at any time is an incredible convenience. With a simple and secure overview of your account, you also have the option to view any activity and Shareholder Reports. The online presence that clients have with this opens up lines of Investor Relations Communication to Shareholders.

Easy Account Maintenance  

Account maintenance is made simple with the records retention and storage done at Island. They also offer:

  • Tax reporting
  • Custom reporting for the auditors and issuers
  • Shareholder Escheatment and lost shareholder tracking
  • The distribution of annual reports

Mailings and Proxy  

This agency takes care of information mailings, printing, as well as the coordination and proxy process.

XBRL and EDGAR Services  

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) services include:

  • Efficient turnaround time
  • A personal filing agent
  • High-quality customer support
  • Table formatting  

Services for EDGAR include:

  • Zero filing fees for SEC
  • Zero fees for your initial set up
  • Free formatting and editing

Stock Certificate Custom Artwork  

When custom artwork is needed for stock certificates, they provide a talented team of graphic designers that will add your artwork and logo to create a complete design.

Simple Corporate Actions  

Whether you are looking to handle officer changes, dividends, stock splits, or name changes, your corporate actions will be taken care of.

Stock Option Plan for the Employee  

When you need day-by-day contact with your relationship manager, they can provide a specialist for compensation plans that are equity-based. This real-time care and support for their clients is what customers like to see. With multiple vesting schedules, optional complete record keeping, and various non-qualified and incentive options, these employee stock option plans are worth checking out.  

About Island Stock Transfer  

Founded in 2003, this partnership began as a way to address the local demand for professional transfer agency services within the small cap and micro public company arena. Island is authorized to complete transactions of stock transfers with the DTCC, or the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation.

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They have partnered with a sister company to produce filing services and deadline assistance. While this agency offers a lot of different services and good customer care, they are not the only company available to you. Easy Stock Loans, for example, is another reputable agency that has been trusted for decades.  

Why Choose Easy Stock Loans  

Choosing the right company to work with is important in order to receive fast turnaround and desired results. At Easy Stock Loans, we work with various Transfer Agency Services often and are glad to share our experience to ensure that you get the best outcome possible. With over five decades in the industry, our level of experience and professionalism allows us to provide the best lending programs in the business.  


Island Stock Transfers

Our team has a commitment to honesty, because we value each relationship that we build with our clients and strive to hold their interests above our own. Each relationship is built on honesty and ethical practices, which is why our ethical standards are so high in both our personal and professional worlds.  

If you’re currently searching for a Transfer Agent or have general questions regarding how the process works, please submit a contact form on our website. We’d be glad to assist! ESL works to deliver consistent results that exceed the expectations of our clients so that our clients have the best experience with us possible. Our team will walk you through the process to make sure everything is properly navigated.

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