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Finding a proper transfer agent to handle business dealings for your company or yourself can be a difficult process, but an important one. There are many factors to consider when selecting a company.

Finding the right transfer agent for you may be harder than you think!

It is crucial to find a transfer agency that can handle all of your needs under one roof. This means you won’t have to waste time and money going from place to place to manage your assets. It is also important to find an agency that is constantly developing and growing to ensure maximum efficiency.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the tasks and services of one particular securities transfer agency, Empire Stock Transfer. We go over what they are capable of providing, so that you know what you are entitled to as a client and can make the smart choice in selecting the right company to handle your stock transfers.  

What Is a Stock Transfer Agency?  

A transfer agent is first and foremost a third party individual or business. They are often commissioned to do one job, or kept on board with a company for a number of years to manage the stocks and bonds of that company. More specifically, they monitor and hold information about which companies and individuals own shares in your company.  

They can, but don’t always, serve as more than just a monitor. As a stock transfer agency, these companies are also capable of:  

  • Handling payment. They can handle the payment of stock dividends, interest, and cash to stockholders.
  • Changing ownership of a stock. They do this by canceling the certificate of the previous owner and issuing a new one to the new owner.
  • Liaising between the company and the shareholders. They can send out the quarterly report, run shareholder meetings, and keep records.

With all these duties and more, a stock transfer agency essentially can manage key pieces of work involving shareholders. Having a third party to maintain this portion of your business can be useful in assuring shareholders that they are not being taken advantage of by your company and that you value their fair treatment.  

About Empire Stock Transfer 

This Nevada stock transfer service has many functions beyond operating as a transfer agency. Empire Stock Transfer Inc. is a transfer agent, serving the purposes outlined above, but one of their main draws is that they are constantly in-tune with the newest technologies and strategies. Their processes are fast and efficient.  

Empire Stock Transfer Advantages
Empire Stock Transfer Advantages

Efficiency and Development  

Empire Stock Transfer Inc. prides themselves on consistent improvements that are in line with and often faster than industry standards. This is why companies continue to seek them for stock transfer and other services.

In line with that methodology, they are a registered DTCC FAST company. FAST, or Fast Automated Securities Transfer, eliminates the use of paper in the process of transferring ownership of a stock. This means there is a smaller margin of error in changing ownership of a stock, as well as other services that involve company stocks.

Overall, this company has streamlined their systems to effectively provide securities transfer services to Nevada corporations.

Empire Stock Transfer as a Filing Agent  

This company does more than just securities transfers. They can provide other services regarding your company’s financial needs. By utilizing their filing agent services, you can save money and time that you would have had to spend on obtaining filing software or hiring an inside staff member to handle this type of work.

Some securities transfer companies cannot provide this type of all encompassing service. Building a relationship with Empire Stock Transfer Inc. allows you to have all of your needs met and to fulfill your SEC and U.S. GAAP Taxonomies reporting requirements with one company.  

Keeping Your Securities

A transfer agency like Empire Stock Transfer can be incredibly helpful in transferring ownership of your stock in order to liquidate some of your assets. On the other hand though, if you are in need of a loan, there is a much better way to operate that does not involve losing valuable assets.  

Stock loans allow for individuals to put up securities as collateral for a loan without having to lose the stock. This also means that in the event of a default on the loan, the stock would be the only thing lost to the transaction. The lender will not seize other assets, and your money is safe.  

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One of the major benefits of this type of loan is that the collateral is locked upon the agreement, meaning that if the stock happens to decline in value to the point that it is worth less than the loan, the borrower is still safe and does not become trapped in the loan agreement.  

Consider Easy Stock Loans  

With all that is involved in a stock transfer, it can be confusing and tricky to navigate. We suggest reaching out to Empire Stock Transfer more details.

ESL can provide securities lending to a number of qualifying individuals easily and efficiently. The entire process means that you are able to move around with a little more capital without having to get rid of any assets.

Empire Stock Loans Benefits

At Easy Stock Loans, we pride ourselves on being known for fair interest rates and massive loans. We understand that serving the client well is the best way to promise future business from those clients, which is why we never take advantage of a situation or put a client at risk for default.

With a team that knows the industry inside and out, our company can essentially offer massive loans with low interest rates with the simple collateral of stock assets.  

Easily Obtain Your Stock Loan  

The entire process has been made simple by the professionals at Easy Stock Loans. There are a series of forms on the website, one being an application form that can be filled out quickly and submitted to set up your loan.  

Before the loan is handed out, a manager from our team will reach out to inquire more about your situation and the loan you’d like to receive, as well as details about your collateral stock.

Whether you’re ready to enquire about an empire stock transfer, or want more information, get in contact with our agents today.

+1 866-867-7585

If you’re currently searching for a transfer agent or have general questions regarding how this process works, please submit a contact form on the website. One of our experienced agents would be glad to assist you!

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