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Every successful business knows the importance of handling securities like stocks and bonds. However, it’s impossible for many companies to manage securities without the help of a third party. Many businesses seek stock transfer agencies for help. It can make or break the way a business organizes the relationships with their shareholders.

You might realize that you need a stock transfer agency to manage your business securities. If this is the case, you’ll need to know what to expect from a company like Corporate Stock Transfer. Below we cover what their service offers and how it works. 

What is a Stock Transfer Agency?

A stock transfer agent is a third party that works with businesses to manage shareholder securities. These publicly traded securities are stocks and bonds. Agencies will assign a transfer agent to work with a company. Companies can act as transfer agents with the right amount of dedication and tracking effort. However, this isn’t an effective management solution for most companies. It’s easier to handle stocks and bonds with a third party.


Transfer agencies have three important functions. These are:

1. To issue and cancel certificates that reflect any changes in ownership.

2. To act as a mediator between all parties.
Stolen Certificates

3. To handle destroyed, lost, or stolen certificates.

About Corporate Stock Transfer  

Every transfer agency is different – they don’t all offer the same core functions listed above, and some offer even more. Corporate Stock Transfer is a company that offers more. They have been in business since 1985. Their client base includes both domestic to international clients, so they have experience working in a variety of market types. An agency like this demonstrates an ability to provide a wide range of services with high-quality customer service. They’re a good example of an agency that a company would want to work with.


Corporate Stock Transfers Available

They fulfill the three baseline functions of a stock transfer agency, as well as additional services such as providing access to resources, assistance filing, and more.  

What do they do in each of these functions? Read this breakdown of how Corporate Stock Transfer oversees stocks. 

Issuing and Cancelling Certificates 

They will track ownership of corporate stock. This is typically by certificate, in book-entry form, or by a brokerage firm. They will record how many shares each investor holds. The agency will cancel certificates as needed.

Acting as an Intermediary 

Oftentimes, transfer agents can take action in the company’s name by acting as a paying agent. This is to pay out on interest, stock and cash dividends, or other forms of distribution. Corporate Stock Transfer agents can take on various roles including:

  • They can be proxy agents by sending out proxy materials.
  • They can be exchange agents by exchanging stocks in a merger.
  • They can be a tender agent by tending shares
  • They can be a mailing agent by mailing quarterly, annual, and any other reports.

Performing well in all of these roles requires a good rapport and level of trust between the company and transfer agent because they are working with classified documents. 

Handle Destroyed, Lost, or Stolen Certificates

In the event that shareholders have a destroyed, lost, or stolen certificate, transfer agents from Corporate Stock Transfer can help. This is typically case by case depending on what happened. Companies and agencies have different policies on how to handle these situations. 

Additional Services

A great agency will bring in an agent that performs other important tasks. For example, Corporate Stock Transfer offers the following services for their clients: 

  • Annual Meeting Services
  • Depository Services
  • Dividend Services
  • Mailing Services
  • Proxy Services
  • Operations & Procedures

Your first meeting with an agent from Corporate Stock Transfer is the best time to ask any questions you have about these services. This should give you a good indication of what to expect from their work. 

Maintaining Hold of Capital and Assets 

Stock Transfer Agency
Stock Transfer Agency

A company like Corporate Stock Transfer will be ideal when you are aiming to transfer ownership of stocks. This means liquidating assets and relinquishing hold of stocks and bonds.

However, if the need is to obtain a loan or be more liquid in a tight situation, companies like Easy Stock Loans are a better fit. A stock loan, rather than a transfer, will help you become liquid while keeping the assets. Stock loans use securities as collateral without the need to change ownership. 

However, if the need is to obtain a loan or be more liquid in a tight situation, companies like Easy Stock Loans are a better fit. A stock loan, rather than a transfer, will help you become liquid while keeping the assets. Stock loans use securities as collateral without the need to change ownership. 

If looking to maintain hold of capital and assets, there are options that do not necessitate the transfer of ownership. Understanding all available options will help you in the decision of which route best benefits your needs – whether that is a stock loan or a transfer. 

The Difference with Easy Stock Loans

With the multi-faceted nature of a stock transfer, many find utilizing Easy Stock Loans helps to simplify the process. At Easy Stock Loans, we can manage the process, including securities lending. With our securities lending process, we can help you utilize capital while keeping hold of various assets. We maintain very fair interest rates to help with even the largest of loans. 

A great upside to stock loans is that collateral is tied into the loan agreement. If the stock crashes or declines to be valued at less than the loan, the borrower does not remain tied to the loan. 

Find a Transfer Agent 

As the name implies, we’ve made it easy to obtain a stock loan with our company. Our professional staff has a reputation for excellent customer service that starts with a simple web application to start the loan process. Our staff will then reach out and learn more about your situation and needs. This includes learning more about collateral stock and the loan you need. 

Want other options? If you’re searching for a transfer agent, submit a contact form on our website to get in touch. We can answer general questions regarding how the process works and help you find the right transfer agent for your needs. We’d be glad to assist you!

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