Are stock loans private?

Are stock loans private?

When borrowing money in order to accomplish a business or personal task, there are many barriers in place that can make it difficult to receive the liquidity you need. For one, often times the loan will not go for as much as the project calls for. Another struggle that many borrowers run into is how difficult it can be to handle the possibility of a default on the borrowed amount.  

For this reason, many stock experts recommend making use of stock loans. Also called securities lending, this is an easy way to manage your finances and submit for a loan, without having to sacrifice economic security in the time period prior to paying off the borrowed amount. More and more businesses and individuals are utilizing private stock loans to make their borrowing experience a little bit easier.  

What Is a Private Stock Loan?  

Stock loans allow borrowers to obtain liquidity without having to put up their personal assets such as their home or other property as collateral. Instead, the borrower is able to utilize their stock as collateral in the transaction.

In private stock loans, the loan itself is non-recourse. It is collateralized by public company shares.   

If this is a secure stock loan, it means that the stock is convertible and can be turned into common shares. The loan can also be deemed unsecured. The primary thing to know about this type of securities lending other than what it allows you to avoid putting up for collateral is that it often permits borrowing at a lower interest rate.  

This major benefit is one of the reasons that so many individuals choose to utilize private stock loans for their business ventures. At Easy Stock Loans, we can offer larger amounts for securities lending with lessened interest rates so that you can pursue the economic venture that you need, without having to lose as much money on interest.

Privacy and Confidentiality for Borrowers and Lenders

One of the primary details of these stock loans that many borrowers appreciate is their confidentiality. These loans are 100% private, and our professionals take care to secure these loans for borrowers confidentially so that all parties feel comfortable with their engagement in the loan.  

Our professional and experienced staff draws on years of experience in the industry to help borrowers to secure these private stock loans. This way, borrowers can gain access to the liquidity they need to launch into their business or personal venture without fearing consequences if they default on the loan.  

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Obtaining a private stock loan that works for you is fast and easy. Please contact a loan adviser for more information. Our friendly and helpful staff is available to assist potential clients at any time with a variety of possible solutions. At Easy Stock Loans, we believe that it is important to be available for clients as much as possible, which is why it is so easy to reach one of our loan advisers by following the contact information on our website, or by submitting an application form on our website to get the process started.

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