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Loans Against Non-Marginable Stocks

Non-marginable stocks are securities that you cannot purchase on margin through your brokerage. Most brokerage institutions have a number of securities that cannot be purchased on margin for various reasons; Easy Stock Loans gives you access to that much-needed capital to enter into a leveraged position in any stock that is non-marginable with your traditional broker.

Easy Stock Loans is an industry leader in providing capital to investors at competitive rates. We also close the loan quickly so you can enter your position at the current market rate and realize the price change of the following days.

Some of the benefits of a Loan against a non-marginable security from Easy Stock Loans include: increased liquidity and limited required collateral while maintaining a leveraged position.

When you are considering a stock-based loan, it is critical that you consider your options carefully and choose the best lender to work with based on your specific needs and desired goals. That is why Easy Stock Loans at streamlined the borrowing process is making access to capital one less thing you have to worry about when choosing your next investment.

Contact Easy Stock Loans today to discuss what help a loan may be to you when trying to purchase those equities that you can’t buy on margin through your broker.