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Asset-Backed Mortgage

An asset-backed mortgage (also called a stock loan) is a suitable option for individuals who are interested in getting a new home loan, but possibly do not qualify for traditional financing. With an asset-backed mortgage, the borrower may put collateral in the form of assets, up against the principal of the amount to be financed.

Many people have various reasons they do not qualify for traditional financing, retired individuals, self-employed, and many other people fall into this unconventional financing category, and when you fall into this category, you may have difficulty securing a mortgage for a new home. Did you know that you can actually borrow against non-marginable securities?

There can be considerable advantages to obtaining an asset-backed mortgage versus the other possible solution, selling the assets and using the capital to purchase the home.

A wide array of assets may be accepted as collateral, so you have a selection of options when it comes time to choose what assets you will use as collateral. This is another great feature of Easy Stock Loans, having gone through this process with countless clients already.

Easy Stock Loans understands what vital and important a decision you are making when choosing how to finance the purchase of a new home. Easy Stock Loans uses years of industry experience to provide you the personalized mortgage option you need.

Contact Easy Stock Loans today to see how we can make the process of acquiring your new home easier than you had ever thought possible.