What type of stock can qualify for a loan?

What type of stock can qualify for a loan?

Utilizing Stock Loans

If you have a considerable amount of securities in your portfolio, it is likely you have considered leveraging those shares to gain more capital to utilize in your day to day trading or investing practices.

A stock loan is one of the few forms of securities back lending that helps maximize your potential reward while mitigating your potential risk. With a stock loan, the list of securities you may use as collateral is much larger than the list of securities you may use as collateral for other borrowing means such as a margin loan through your broker.

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At Easy Stock Loans, we know that no two investors have the same portfolio. We understand some investors have capital allocated to classes of investments that may only be eligible for a stock loan, and no other form of securities back lending.

This is why we have a large range of stocks and securities that are eligible to use as collateral. We base our decision on the value of your securities you plan to use as collateral, not the class of securities.

As long as the security is publically traded on any major US indices, most likely it is a security you can use to get a stock-based loan from Easy Stock Loans. In most circumstances, your use of securities that are perceived as riskier or securities with a low per share value will not hinder your ability to get a stock-based loan. This cannot be said the same for a margin loan, such as with most margin loans the per share value of each stock must be over a certain amount, and the investment cannot be in a risk category your broker deems too risky.

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As you can see the range of options you have when choosing what types of securities to use as collateral is much larger than with many other traditional securities back lending programs. Easy Stock Loans only expands on those options making it possible for almost any investor with US-based securities to seek a stock-backed loan and ultimately get the capital they need to further their investing success.

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It is most likely the securities you own and want to leverage are eligible collateral with Easy Stock Loans, but if you are unsure or would like further clarification, please contact one of our representatives to discuss what securities you hold and what value you can get out of them through Easy stock loans.