Non-Recourse Stock Loan for Insiders

Non-Recourse Stock Loan for Insiders

The global marketplace is relatively new at dealing with equity lending and stock secured financing. For a long time, only clients with a high net worth and large international corporation accounts were able to access equity and stock loans – but not anymore. 

Our team at Easy Stock Loans is working to introduce this product to all our clients as a way to democratize these financial solutions. From stock block purchase to a non-recourse insider stock loan, you are sure to find the solutions you need here.

At Easy Stock Loans, we work closely with insiders though our lending program to provide SEC Rule 144 approved stock loans that an insider can use by freeing up a portion (1%) of the issued and outstanding shares every 90 days. We also specialize in the design of quick-funding securities financing solutions. Our firm will guide you through each and every step along the way, so contact one of our loan advisers for more information! 

What is a Stock Loan?

Our Insider Stock Loan product will give the borrower liquidity, a hedge against volatile conditions in the market, and access to a simple loan vehicle that is interest only. This transaction is simple yet effective while retaining potential asset appreciation, potential access, or access all the while providing liquidity to the borrower.

We provide SEC Rule 144 compliant products to get our clients the liquidity they need. We also ensure that each rule and regulation is followed along the way. Our office will consult with you one on one to utilize derivatives, leveraged accounts, and any other strategy needed to make sure that you get what you need. Control and restricted stock loan are commonly used for SEC Rule 144 compliant financing. 

Benefits of these stock loans include:

★ No transfer fees

★ No application fees

★ No underwriting fees

★ Low interest rates starting from 2%

★ Full SEC compliance

What is SEC Rule 144?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission enforces SEC Rule 144. This rule applies to all kinds of issuers of securities, dealers, underwriters, and sellers. This rule irons out the conditions that control, unregistered, and restricted securities can be sold and resold. It provides a registration requirements exemption in public markets for selling securities, as long as enough of the specified conditions are completed.

Securities-Backed Financing

We understand that each client has their own dreams and goals for their life, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve those. You have worked hard to build your dream for the future, and it is about time that your dream is realized. We will help you work around having to sell your shares while still borrowing against your stock portfolio. We will help you get the lowest rates and the liquidity you need.

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With the rapidly changing and evolving economy of today, it is important to find a reputable firm that you can trust to guide your financial decisions. Here at Easy Stock Loans, we work tirelessly to provide you with a custom-fit loan solution.

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