Loans Secured by Stock

Loans Secured by Stock

Sometimes, loans are our only choice to get the money we need to meet our financial obligations. However, as most people know, securing a loan is not as simple as saying “I need capital”. You need some kind of collateral, typically, in order for banks and lenders to trust that you will pay back the loan when the time comes.  

Often, people do not have sufficient collateral, or simply do not feel comfortable putting their car or home up as collateral for a loan that may or may not cover the debts or finances that they need. But what if you did not need to use your actual physical possessions to secure a loan? With stock loans from Easy Stock Loans, you will find yourself in a great position to get the money you need.  

Defining a Stock Loan  

So what exactly is a stock loan? Much like the name implies, these are loans secured by stock shares. Most of the time, the amount of the loan is near equal to or at least based on the worth of the stocks, all the way up to possibly 90% of the stocks’ value. These loans are great for individuals and businesses looking for quick access to capital without needing physical goods as collateral.  

If you are someone who has a good portfolio of investments, this is the perfect loan for you. However, not having an expansive portfolio does not mean you cannot secure a stock loan. If you own shares, Easy Stock Loans can help you find the perfect amount of capital. Even if your shares are penny stocks or non-marginable securities, we have you covered.  

Asset-based lending – with stocks as your asset!

How It Works  

The one big detail about securities loans such as these is that they are typically not to be used to buy more market investments. Most experts recommend or at least find that their clients use the capital for securing a new home, or vacation home, or to cover big expenses like retirement. With these loans, you are not risking any of your assets like your car or home.

These loans are great for business owners who need quick and secure access to capital as well. Though they should not be used in investing in more stocks, if you need quick finances for your business to expand or succeed, this may be the perfect loan for you. At Easy Stock Loans, securing lending is quick and simple with the help of our knowledgeable employees and agents.  

Contact a Loan Adviser  

Easy Stock Loans is the place to go for great service and easy access to these kinds of loans. With most kinds of shares viable for collateral, including non-marginable securities (which most major lenders will not accept), you have no need to worry about trying to borrow through a bank or major lender and suffering through all of the red tape that comes with trying to get capital. For more information or to apply, contact one of our advisers today on our website.

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