Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have other questions?

If you have any other questions after reviewing our website and this FAQ, you are encouraged to contact us either by phone or email, and we will answer any additional questions you may have.

What type of securities can be used as collateral?

Since our lending products are only offered to United States citizens, you must place US securities as collateral with us. Most any security publically traded on a United States index will suffice.

What if I want to swap out securities used as collateral for other securities?

You are eligible to swap out securities at any time if you deem it beneficial to your portfolio. We do not lock you in if you think the securities are going to fall I value. We only require that the stocks you substitute cover the required value placed on your loan. This is something you should get in your loan documents defined clearly if you think you may encounter this situation.

Will I get any monthly or quarterly statements regarding my account?

Yes, as will be outlined in your loan documents you will receive regular account updates and statements to the address you request. You are encouraged to review these for errors or discrepancies and keep them for your personal records.

Are there any tax implications from a loan?

There are not any tax implications with our loans; you could actually save and prevent yourself from having to pay taxes on the sale of assets if you keep maintain ownership and pledge them as collateral instead of selling them. Any additional tax questions should be discussed with a licensed tax representative in your local jurisdiction.

Is a non-recourse stock loan risky?

A non-recourse stock loan carries risk to the assets you pledge but does not risk yourself or any other assets you may have. So yes, it comes with risk to your pledged assets, but only your pledged assets, unlike a margin loan which technically could result in the loss of your initial investment and then some.

What does non-recourse mean?

Non-recourse means the lender has no recourse against the borrower or any of the borrower’s assets, outside of the assets pledged as collateral for the loan, this type of loan can protect the borrower.

What can the borrowed funds be used for?

You are free to use your borrowed funds for anything you need or want. The funds are yours to use; we only ask that you maintain good standing on your loan payments.

Will the pledged assets have to be transferred out of my account?

The assets used as collateral will have to be transferred out of your account and into an intermediary account used to hold the securities. You can rest assured knowing your assets are safe with Easy Stock Loans. A contact of ownership will be drawn up outlining the procedures for transferring the assets back to you at the end of your loan term.

What if the value of my pledged assets goes up?

If the value of your pledged assets goes up, that is great and signifies the importance it was to maintain those assets instead of selling them. In this event, you still cannot pull the assets out, until the end of your loan term.

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