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Easy Stock Loans Disclamer

By contacting Easy Stock Loans and by your continued use of this website or its services constitutes your willing admission to having read and agree fully to the following disclaimer.

Easy Stock Loans provides lines of credit to individuals and entities wishing to acquire capital for purchasing equities that you cannot traditionally get through a margin account with your primary broker. Easy Stock Loans does not approve or sponsor of the investments you choose to make with the capital. A representative from Easy Stock Loans may assess the risks of your desired investment, but we do not make investment advisory decisions. All investment decisions you make should be based on your own research, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Easy Stock Loans and any of its stakeholders or representatives from any damages or losses you experience from investments purchased with capital from Easy Stock Loans.

There is some risk associated with any investment, and you should enter into investments only after fully understanding the potential risks.

If the market value of your pledged collateral drops below minimum collateral amounts required, you may be held liable to pay down your loan with either a cash payment or by the sale of assets.

The sale and or profit from securities you sell may be subject to taxes imposed by your local jurisdiction. You are responsible for remitting these taxes to the appropriate authorities. Easy Stock Loans will not be held liable for any taxes or penalties imposed by any institution.

By your continued use of our services, you agree to hold harmless Easy Stock Loans and all stakeholders from any damages resulting from this agreement. Any part of this agreement ruled unenforceable by a court of law shall not void the entire agreement, and only the un-enforceable clause shall be void.

All suits and claims against this agreement shall be resolved in the court of Easy Stock Loans choosing.

Easy Stock Loans will also never provide legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to speak with a licensed professional in your location for all legal and tax matters.

Easy Stock Loans is also not and does not claim to be a financial advisor. Easy Stock Loans provides capital for purchases of equities, and all risk is assumed on yourself.

No client is required or pressured to apply for a line of credit. You are free to cancel discussions with us at any time. Once you have agreed to the funding terms of a line of credit, you will be held personally liable for any debts owed to Easy Stock Loans.

Accounts and lines of credit cannot be transferred to other individuals or entities and must be kept in good standing by the client and closed in good standing by the client if at any time they wish to cease business with Easy Stock Loans.

Easy Stock Loans is not a mortgage broker and does not claim to be. The assets you pledge are solely used as collateral against the line of credit given to you by Easy Stock Loans.

Your continued use of this site or any services constitutes your agreement to the terms described in this disclaimer. Please do not contact Easy Stock Loans or any of its affiliates if you do not agree to this disclaimer in entirety.