Making Extra Cash

Making Extra Cash

We’ve put together a guide of some of our top tips to help you gain a few extra dollars each month. Whether you need to make some more cash for a new item or simply trying to keep yourself afloat for the month,

Here are our top tips on how to earn some extra cash each month:

1. Selling unused / unwanted items

Selling your stuff is such a great way of making some extra bucks, without spending a lot of time or effort. With the growth and popularity of the internet, selling items online has never been easier. Watch your items at fly off the shelf by putting them on eBay or alternatively there’s always the hands-on approach by going to sell your items at car boot sales, antique dealerships or pawn shops.

2. Freelancing

If you have a few hours that can be put aside and used to work as a freelancer online, then this could be a great way to earn that extra couple of bills you need each month. Most people think freelancing would mean they need a specific skill in order to be hired, but some basic concepts of computer skills is all you might need in order to get you started. Some commonly available freelancing jobs are, content writing, copy-typing, becoming a virtual assistant, answering calls and many more.

3. Savings Accounts

Although you might need some money in your savings account initially, these are a great way in order to get a little more for your money. By investing your money into a savings account, letting it sit there, you’ll watch interest be added to your account. Another option is to purchase stocks that you can later borrow against.

4. Surveys

There is always the option to fill out and participate in surveys for all sorts of different niches. Although the payments per surveys may vary, being able to fill out a large majority on a monthly basis could really help earn you some extra money each month. These can range to all sorts, and there are a lot of government survey schemes out there to try and gather public information about what preferences people may have.

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