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Easy Stock Loans mission is to expand access to liquidity and lower the cost of borrowing for the businesses and individuals that traditional banks are typically unable to serve. Everything we do, we do for people! Stock Loans don’t need to be complicated or difficult to get. We can loan money for your non-marginable securities very fast. Read on to learn about more about how to get a loan for your stocks.

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Nationwide lending


Offering flexible loan packages tailored to your individual needs.

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Stock loans for pink sheet, nano, micro and small cap stocks.

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Follow this easy steps to get a loan from your stocks within 15 minutes

Fill in an application form

on our website

Make a stock loan request through the application on our website and wait for a response to be e-mailed within 15-30 minutes from the time of the request during business hours. Our loan experts are eager to speak with you about the stock you own.

Our manager will contact you

to clear up the details

After we receive your application one of our loan managers will reach out to you to clear up the details and discuss the logistics of your loan. We are one of the only companies offering loans for non-marginable securities.

Receive your money in the most

convenient way!

Once the loan on your stock has been reviewed and processed, we will promptly deliver your money in the most convenient and secure manner.

What are the benefits of stock loan financing?


Creates liquidity for the business through the equity


Offers the possibility of profit from future stock appreciation


Is a straight-forward, interest-only loan solution


Provides a hedge against stock market volatility to the borrower

Why People Choose Easy Stock Loans

We offer a totally new way of borrowing money against your stock

Fair Interest

We offer competitive rates. Our interest rates are based off the current prime interest rate.

How it works?

Loans over

Whether the loan is $10,000 or over $1 million, we value your business and provide finest service.

How it works?

What are the Loan Terms?

We have a variety of loan products including terms of 12, 24 and 36 months.

How it works?

We Fund Stock Loans For Stocks Trading On These Major Exchanges

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